Dr Mel Fung is a Christian psychologist in Glebe, near the University of Sydney. She has over 10 years experience in helping people with psychological issues.
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Tuvan provides counselling, psychotherapy and coaching to adults, including professional workers and students, mostly on an individual basis. She has worked as a counsellor with The Salvation Army Employment Plus, Hillsong Citycare and Lifeline. She also has over 10 years of corporate experience as a management consultant specialising in organisational change and leadership coaching. At present she works in private practice. Tuvan is a Registered Counsellor and has been working with clients since 2013.

Tuvan is passionate about helping people grow at all stages in their life, and especially during their early to mid adult years when they may be navigating new situations and relationships in their personal lives and the workplace.

Tuvan works with clients of different faiths and backgrounds. As a committed Christian, she is eager to help people grow in their understanding and experience of God's truth, love, acceptance and hope. As a second-generation migrant, she works with clients from different cultural backgrounds, especially with adult children of first-generation migrants.

Tuvan is especially committed to working with clients to understand the underlying factors behind their concerns in order to achieve lasting change.

Tuvan has the following qualifications:
Master of Counselling (Excelsia College) Bachelor of Information Systems (Honours) (University of Melbourne)

Areas of particular interest:
- Anxiety and chronic depression
- Anger management
- Low self-esteem and self-loathing
- Loneliness and fears of being alone
- Addictions
- Guilt and shame
- Phobias, i.e. social phobia
- Childhood trauma
- Family relationship issues, present and past
- Grief
- Workplace issues

Professional memberships:
CCAA (Christian Counsellors Association of Australia) PACFA. (Psychotherapists and Counsellors Association of Australia)


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Fee schedule:
$100 for all 55 min sessions (Concessions may be available if you are having financial difficulties)

Tue, Fri and Sat in Glebe
Wed and Thu in Chatswood